How do BeeLine Aligners move the teeth?    Just like any active aligner, each aligner is made to move the teeth in small movements.  Each little increment of movement gets us closer to our goal.


How did Dr. Thompson come up with the name, BeeLine Aligners?  Dr. Thompson has been a beekeeper for many years.  Just like a bee going from the hive straight to a food source, we want our aligners to move your teeth from the beginning point to a final beautiful smile.


How often do I wear the aligners?  You need to wear your aligners 22 hours out of 24.  Basically, you take the aligners out when you eat and brush your teeth.


Are BeeLine Aligners comfortable?  The aligners are comfortable after you have worn them for three days.  If your teeth are sore, they will get better as time goes on.


Does Dr Thompson offer Invisalign as an option for clear aligner treatment?  Yes,  Dr. Thompson is a Invisalign provider.


Why did Dr. Thompson start making active clear aligners for his patients?  Mainly due to cost.  We can lower our fees for treatment with clear aligners since we are making them in-house.


I have a severe overjet.  Can I wear elastics with BeeLine Aligners?  Yes, you can wear elastics with BeeLine Aligners.


Are there any food restrictions with BeeLine Aligners?  No, you can eat any foods that you want.


What are the advantages of clear aligner treatment?  Patients will have healthier gums due to easier brushing and flossing.  Also, people will not be able to tell that you are going through treatment, because the clear aligner blends in and are not noticeable.


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